Low-oxygen and High-purity Co-Fe-B Sputtering Targets

Co-Fe-B Sputtering Targets

Element Analysis Analysis 99.99%
Al N/D N/D
Cr 20 N/D
Cu 20 20
Ni 150 N/D
Mn N/D N/D
Si 20 20
O 80 40

Ferro-magnetic Co-Fe-B alloy is used as ferromagnetic layer of TMR element. We established low oxygen containing melting process, as well as our own high purity technology for those metallic elements to achieve higher purity sputtering targets than ever.
Currently, we supply these low-oxygen and high-purity Co-F-B sputtering targets for Tunnel Magneto-Resistance (TMR) head materials for HDD. Furthermore, we also expect that the material will be applied for MRAM (Magnetoresistive Random Access Memory).
We are ready to customize a product to your requirements, e.g. Co-Fe-B composition ratio and any forth element's addition such as Co-Fe-B-α.
Our Co-Fe-B sputtering targets are available in size from 25 mm to 300 mm in diameter. If you need other shapes, please feel free to contact us.

・Typical Composition Ratio Co-Fe-B(40:40:20atm%)
・Purity : 99.9%up 99.99% up
・Typical Impurities :  ppm


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