Additional Installation of a new Vacuum Hot Pressing Machine

New MachineWe produce sputtering targets utilizing two different methods. One is melting furnace method and the other is sintering method. Those different methods are selected depending upon variety of material characterizations of the sputtering targets. Upon combinations of those methods, Kojundo thus is capable of produce various kind of targets which our customers request. In addition, we are pleased to announce that a vacuum hot pressing machine has been newly introduced into our sintering process stream and that larger sputtering targets in diameter have become available to our customers.
The normal maximum size of our products is 12 inch in diameter. If you need more large products (18 inch in diameter maximum), please feel free to contact us.


High purity metallic sputtering targets

High purity metallic sputtering targets■High melting point metallic alloys
Product example : W alloy, Mo alloy, Cr alloy, Ta alloy, Nb alloy, V alloy, Ti alloy

Magnetic materials
Product example : Fe alloy, Co alloy, Ni alloy、 Co-Fe-B, Fe-Pt, Co-Pt, Heusler alloy(Co-Fe-Ga, Co-Mn-Ga, Fe-V-Al etc)

Mn alloy
Product example : Pure Mn(2N8〜4N), Mn-Al, Mn-Bi, Mn-Ga, Mn-Ir, Mn-Si etc

Fine ceramics sputtering targets

Fine ceramics sputtering targetsOxide
Product example : MgO, La2O3, PZT, PLZT, STO, AZO etc

Product example : SiC, B4C etc

Composite materials
Product example : Granular film materials : Metallic phase + Non-Metallic phase
Metallic phase=Various Pure metals or Metallic alloys, e.g. Fe, Co-Cr-Pt, Fe-Ni, Fe-Pt.
Non-Metallic phase=Various Oxides or Nitrides, e.g. SiO2, Al2O3, MgO

■Other compounds
Product example : Nitride, Fluoride, Sulfide
We are ready to customize your requirements if you need materials other than those listed above.