High-Purity Powder of Brookite Titanium Dioxide

High-Purity Powder of Brookite Titanium Dioxide

Titanium dioxide occurs in nature as three crystal forms, those are rutile, anatase and brookite. Generally, it is not easy to synthesize brookite titanium dioxide and thus hard to acquire it at the market. We succeeded in synthesizing highly-pure powder of brookite titanium dioxide by our own synthesis techniques of inorganic materials which we have accumulated for many years, and now we can provide this material.

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SEM (Search Electron Microscope) image


Typical analysis

It is expected that brookite TiO2 will be applied in the field of visible rays as it is different from a traditional photocatalyst.

Simple determination by WPF (Whole Pattern Fitting) method
*This is a simple method to calculate quantitative values not with calibration-curve but with qualitative analysis of components in a specimen. It is necessary to calculate by RIR (Reference Intensity Ratio) values of ICDD-ICDS card for qualitative analysis and integrated intensity of intense line.


Purity※ 99.99%
Crystallite diameter 24mm
BET value 37.8m2/g
BET equivalent value 39nm

Bet stands for Brunaure Emmett Teller.
* The purity is measured by subtracting method.