Ferroelectric materials and Piezoelectric materials

PZT type materials which have properties of Ferroelectric and Piezoelectric effect have been applied to a wide range of fields, e.g. FeRAM (Ferroelectric Random Access Memory), MEMS (Micro Electro Mechanical Systems) sensor and inkjet device. We produce and sell various kinds of film formation materials such as MOD coating materials, MOCVD materials and sputtering targets. We can deal with not only the composite oxides such as PZTs and BSTs but also customized products.

Representative examples for ferroelectric materials and piezoelectric materials

Gate insulator La2O3, >La2O3-Mox, HfO2, Y2O3, HfO2-Al2O3 etc.
Piezoelectric and Ferroelectric PZT、PNZT、PLZT、PLT,PMN-PT, KNbO3, KTaNbOx
(Bi, La)4Ti3O12、 (Bi, Nd)4Ti3O12, SrBi2(TaNb)2O9
Electrode Pt, Ir, Ru, RuO2, SrRuO3
(La, Sr)CoO3, Ti, TiN, TiOx, Ta, etc.
Thin film capacitor Ta2O5,(Ba, Sr)TiO3, SrTiO3

  MOD coating materials are liquid materials which form various kinds of functional film on the substrate using dip coating method, spin coating method and LSMCD (Liquid Source Misted Chemical Deposition) method. The feature of these materials is a wide range of product line.

Representative examples of MOD coating materials for ferroelectric materials

Category Product Name Composition Concentration
PZT type PZT-20 Pb(ZrTi)O3 20wt%
PLZT-20 (PbLa)(ZrTi)O3 20wt%
PLZT-20 Pb(NbZrTi)O3 20wt%
PT-25 PbrTiO3 20wt%
Bi type Y-Z ver.2 SrBi2(TaNb)3O12 0.2mol/L
BST type BST-06-P (BaSr)TiO3 6wt%
BT-06 BaTiO3 6wt%
ST-06 SrTiO3 6wt%

Please feel free to contact us if you need other concentrations, compositions, elements and combinations besides the table.
(e.g.) High concentration or other composition for PZT-25(110/52/48)

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CVD(Chemical Vapor Deposition)

  We have a lot of experiences and achievements about products (synthesis, refining, and analysis) and cylinders (cleaning, maintenance and design). We can promptly prepare any cylinder from small size for development to large size for mass production.

Representative examples of MOCVD materials

Product name Melting point(℃) Vapor pressure (P:Pa,t:℃) Specific gravity
Si(OC2H5)4 -82.5 log10P=4.9936-856.8/(t+118.13) 0.92
Ta(OC2H5)5 21℃ log10P=12.645-4505/(t+273.15) 1.56
Hf(OtC4H9)4 8℃ log10P=11.265-3052/(t+273.15) 1.17
Ru(C5H4C2H5)2 6℃ log10P=11.875-3708/(t+273.15) 1.56
Pb(C11H19O2)2 130℃ Sublimation log10P=20.545-7800/(t+273.15)
Evaporation log10P=12.065-4480/(t+273.15)
Zr(OiC3H7)(C11H19O2)3 >210℃ log10P=19.735-7924/(t+273.15) 1.0
Ti(OiC3H7)2(C11H19O2)2 160℃ log10P=14.855-5435/(t+273.15) 1.0

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PVD(Physical Vapor Deposition)

We are dealing with a full range of size, control of purity/gas amount/crystal design, manufacturing of backing plate, bonding and making parts of equipment.
We have a product line of standard composition, but it is possible to make an adjustment of that according to your demands.

Representative examples of sputtering targets for ferroelectric materials

  PZT target SRO target
  • Low oxygen deficiency
  • Good crystallinity

Density:More than 90%
(Product name : SRO-HD)

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