CSR summary

Our policy

We are committed to conducting CSRs such as harmony with the global environment, social contribution activities, thoroughness of compliance and comfortable working environment. We promote these activities together with our business connections.

Main activities

a) Environment

We gain ISO 14001 certification at all sites and conduct environmental improvement activities according to the environmental management system.

Reduce greenhouse gas emissions
To reduce greenhouse gas emissions which is said to cause global warming, we all are committed to reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

  • Exchange of lamps for LED
  • Cooling water pumps with inverter control
  • Production equipment efficiency

Reduce wastes
Under the keywords “Reduce, Reuse, Recycle”, we tackle reducing wastes.

  • Recycling wastes
  • Improvement of product yield

b) Social contribution activities

To increase interest in chemistry, we have conducted to popularize and promote science education for next generations as social contribution activities.

  • Cooperation of Special Exhibition : The Wonder of Elements, National Museum of Nature and Science
  • Cooperation of “The Wonder World of Magnets”, The Magnetics Society of Japan
  • Offering materials to TV programs about chemistry
  • Development of chemistry education products

c) Comfortable working environment

To make working environment comfortable for all employees, we aim to increase employee satisfaction and make efforts to improve work-life balance and working environment about industrial safety and health.

  • promotion of paid leave acquisition
  • Kaizen suggestions
  • Safety and health patrol
  • Employee development

d) Thoroughness of compliance

In order to implement thoroughness of compliance, we have established a compliance system in the company. If a compliance problem occurs, we make it a rule to discuss countermeasures at the management meeting.